A documentary on the life of former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark

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Citizen Clark: A Life of Principle (La Paloma Films, produced by Joseph C. Stillman, 2018)

This film on the life of former U.S. Attorney General and bold human rights activist Ramsey Clark won the best documentary award at the Berkeley Film Festival. Fearless, dauntless, calm and focused, Clark journeys around the world representing both the righteous and the wrong doers because of his belief in due process of law and the adversarial system of justice. In a serious society dedicated to the rule of law, Clark would be a household name up there with the entertainers, athletes, and bloviating politicians.

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"Citizen  Clark... A Life Of Principle" Is a glimpse into one man's life and the  many lives he has touched, people of varying gender, creed, color, and  nationality both historically known and unknown. From JFK, Dr. King,  Leonard Peltier, to name just a few and others mostly unknown, victims  of injustice, civil and human rights abuses. In America and the  world-at-large, Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United  States has made himself accessible, literally opening his apartment door  and traveling the globe in pursuit of justice for all, the oppressed  and the downtrodden regardless of their social or financial status. He  stands as a beacon of hope to victims of injustice the world over. The  hope that Justice and equality will someday prevail.  Ramsey's life and  this documentary are a source of inspiration for today's youth and a  portrait of courage for others to follow for generations to come."

Frank Serpico/former NYPD Detective

“Last  night I saw a path-changing film, "Citizen Clark... A Life of  Principle."  When I saw this film, I was left awe-struck for what it  could accomplish in the souls and minds of those who see it. It is about  resurrecting the often-latent humanity within us all, that deep-seated  root of compassion that our society has glossed over with their need for  wars and materialism and entertainment. I am not a Buddhist or a Hindu,  as you know, but I do believe Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Muslims  and atheists will find a pulse of their own in this. I am a Christian -  but believe not in religion but in the vitality of being Christ-like,  and Ramsey Clark's life evinces one of the most remarkable Christ-like  wars against abuse, cold-heartedness, and violence that I have ever  witnessed - indeed, his adherence to principle of character is what sets  him apart from so many others. He is an inspiration for sticking true  to the truth in the innermost temple of your spirit."  

Dianna Lefas/Playwright       

"This  film brings to light the life of one of the most unusual Americans ever  to live up to the ideal of what any decent American could hope to be.  Ramsey Clark has lived a life dedicated to finding and following the  truth wherever it might lead; to believing  in the goodness of human beings even when the whole world insists on  seeing them at their worst.  He is such an arresting example of someone  who has never deserted belief in his own inner compass, and who has  stayed the course of inquiry, understanding and confrontation at the risk of love, liberty, and life.  I could not admire, respect, and yes, love, him more."

Alice Walker/Author-Activist

"This documentary shines the spotlight on one of America's finest activists for the causes of Peace, Justice, and Human rights."

Jane Fonda/Actress-Activist